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5 Key Features of CX Software You Should Be Aware Of

A business with no customers is a company that is doomed to fail. Without clients, there will be no individuals who will pay for the resources needed to operate an organization. Hence, customers are essential to a company. Moreover, a loyal client base ensures an organization’s status in the industry.Fortunately, you can now understand your clients more with the help of customer experience (CX) solutions. CX programs can help you formulate decisions and actions that will retain and attract loyal customers. In this article, you will know five key features of an excellent CX software application. This way, you will know how to properly review and compare options of customer experience management software.

  1. Multi-channel data collection

One of the essential CX software features is collecting information from different platforms, such as live chat, social media, and email. The organized data helps the system present a clear view of your team’s interaction with clients. Besides, CX programs eliminate the need to sort clients’ contact information manually. You can then focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.Aside from basic information, CX solutions also monitor your brand’s reputation through social media posts about your products and services. According to a study from Statista, 91% of US consumers said that positive online reviews influence them to purchase products. The same research mentioned that 82% of respondents decide not to buy certain products if they saw negative comments online. Thus, a good online presence is now an essential aspect of every business.

  1. Survey management

A CX platform must also include robust survey tools to help companies gather comments and suggestions from customers. You can then create customized questionnaires and send them to target clients. Moreover, the system must also allow you to schedule polls and surveys. This way, you can distribute questionnaires promptly. You can then gather updated remarks about your brand, products, and services.

Surveys also provide a low-cost solution to understanding your clients’ needs. They help you collect emotional and technical feedback. Additionally, questionnaires help you calculate your business’s net promoter score (NPS), one of the most important CX metrics. Often, respondents submit their answers within 48 hours since people are connected to their devices. As a result, the system can analyze and present client feedback quickly. Hence, you can improve your products and services’ weaknesses immediately. This process helps you maintain a positive brand reputation.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

After gathering enough data, the system uses robust CX measurement tools to evaluate your company’s performance. Due to developments, managers can now use AI technology to view predictive analytics. Compared to data analytics, predictive analysis offers deeper and actionable insights since it makes assumptions based on the collected information. You can then depend on these predictions during project planning.

Through AI technology, businesses can automate yet personalize their customer interactions through social media conversations, emails, live chat, and calls. For instance, this feature enables companies to maintain a live chat button on their websites and social media accounts. As a result, clients can experience a quick response from companies, making them feel that companies value them as individuals. Hence, AI developments allow businesses to maintain a loyal customer base and attract new clients with limited manual work.

  1. Ticketing system

A reliable CX software application must include an error-free ticketing system. Through this technology, the program automatically generates and assigns tickets to agents. This way, your business’ customer service representatives can respond to technical and general inquiries about your products. This feature also allows you to track agent and client interactions, while the system prioritizes some concerns over the other, especially if there is an influx of inquiries.

However, businesses must also focus on training their representatives on how to resolve clients’ concerns. Although a CX application automates and analyzes interactions between representatives and customers, service agents are the ones who directly answer to new and old clients. Thus, they must have extensive knowledge of your brand and products.

Seekify is a customer experience management platform that equips contextual training to drive your CX metrics. It specializes in training, analyzing, and transforming to make sure you put your data into good use and wow your customers by delivering exceptional experiences.

  1. Integrations

Besides CX solutions, you also need various integrations to ensure that all aspects of your business strategies are covered. These apps are marketing automation platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and product analytics applications. Hence, the customer experience software market also includes these apps.

Integrations also help you maximize the benefits of CX software solutions. Through connecting the app to different programs, you can have a seamless experience of navigating the platform. What’s more, this feature increases your team’s productivity by connecting various departments using one program.

Build lasting customer relationships

When looking for a reliable CX software solution, choose a platform that offers multi-channel data collection, extensive survey management tools, accurate ticketing systems, integrations, and artificial intelligence technology. These features help you understand your clients’ needs for a more prosperous and genuine relationship. As a result, you can have increased sales while having an authentic connection with your customers.

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