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Gain a Competitive Edge With These Brilliant CX Strategies

It used to be that if you built it, they would come. Times changed, and now almost everyone who is in the digital market thinks they’ve built their business already. Their business has the best product or service, so when are the customers coming?

In today’s world, if you want to be competitive, you not only need the best products or services, you also need the best customer experience strategy. Problems come along when you’re trying to make others aware of your excellent product and services with your only average customer experience record. Statistics prove that over 95% of customers report that it is the customer experience that makes them loyal to a brand and return for future purchases. 

That means finding a way to create and keep a compelling customer experience strategy does more for your business than almost any other marketing method. You’ll not only gain a competitive edge with your strategy, but you’ll start leaving your competitors far behind. Read on to learn how becoming the best customer experience strategist gives you growth benefits you never knew you could obtain. 

Customer Experience Strategy

There are no two customer experience strategies that are the same. Nor are they all created equal. Each one is as different and unique as the company that’s implementing it.

A definition of customer experience strategy that resonates is that it’s about the customer experience that is effective and efficient. Customer service and customer experience are part of the same equation with very different number functions. The customer experience you provide to a customer should be timely and create memorable touchpoints with them.

Your previous customers then share these touchpoints with others, which results in growing your brand through social media, online and offline interactions. The benefit you receive as a business who offers excellent customer experiences is your company will retain an average of 89% of your customers due to its strong and effective customer engagement. You can provide positive, productive, and timely customer experience if you follow these four steps.

The Four Steps of Effective, Efficient and Timely Customer Experiences

By learning how to attract a loyal customer base, you need to start with a brilliant customer experience strategy. There are four common factors you need to integrate into your powerful customer experience strategy. They are precise and succinct, and sometimes a bit harder to implement than they look.

#1 Mission and Vision of Your Business Brand

Both vision and mission focus on who you are and what is your company’s directional goal. A vision statement personifies who you want to be tomorrow as a company or organization. Your mission statement lets people know who and what your business or organization is today. 


It’s important to remember that for the most effective, efficient, and timely customer experience, your company needs to have both a well-defined mission and vision. Otherwise, how do your customers know your company’s deliverable moments that matter to you and them? If customer’s don’t know where you started or where you’re at, they aren’t ever going to know how far you can go.

#2 – Competition Analysis and Insight

You win or fail as a company based on your company’s ability to interact with customers that meets or exceeds the customer’s service experience expectations. You need to understand your customers far better than any of your competitors do. If you can do that, you’ll already be one step ahead of your competition. 

A customer survey is an excellent place to start, and if it’s well-constructed, it can provide you with the quantitative data you need not just on your competitor but your business. The insight some of these quantitative surveys provide can help you gauge your progress as you start pulling ahead of your competition. Every evaluation data report or survey you study should result in actionable steps.

These actionable steps allow you to move towards successfully implementing stronger and better customer experience satisfaction rates. By the end of the process, you should have successfully reduced your customer churn and increased your revenues.

#3 Use Consumer Research to Craft Powerful Customer Experiences

Consumer research states customers don’t care about transactions. Customers prefer to have a relationship with a company and brand. Customers know it’s supposed to be about you being there for them when they want to buy.

They know you’re supposed to be there for them where they want to purchase with the tools they need to make it easy for them to do so. But they don’t want to give up any important or meaningful customer service experiences regardless of what they’re purchasing. That means you have to try to be all things to all people all the time.

At the very least, you need to try to be that with your customers. You create optimal customer experiences by delivering the product customers want with the service interaction they need. It’s your successful execution of that mandate that places your customer front and center of every business decision you make.

#4 Marketplace Data that Integrates Customer-Centric Culture 

You knew who they were before you ever read about or heard their name. These are the companies that are customer-centric and provide stellar marketplace merchandise. It’s almost as if the products these customer-centric companies provide are driven only by the laser-focused opinions of their users and buyers. 

Netflix, an entertainment venue company, seems to live and breathe what its customers want. Netflix uses marketplace data as one of its founding pillars to help drive its future growth. They are committed to providing their customers with amazing customer experiences.

Netflix uses its market-driven research to implement the movies, services, and release schedules its customers want and need. Netflix is so good at implementing marketplace data and turning it into another customer-centric culture product or service they’ve accrued 167 million worldwide subscribers. This is a company that has mastered the delicate balance between making a profit while concurrently reaching out and building their customer experiences.

Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices

Do you know how Amazon created Prime? Amazon knew one of its strongest customer experience strategies included ensuring constant innovation through custom solutions. After a brainstorming session in 2015, Amazon decided one-day shipping, easier returns, streaming internet service, and more perks needed to be integrated to give customers the optimum best practice customer experience.

Amazon Prime is the epitome of omnichannel customer experience best practice strategy. Yet, Amazon kept its core strategic goals while making them more efficient and effective for its customer base. If you’re an enterprise decision-maker for your business, you have about two years to figure out effective and efficient digital transformations that enhance your customer experiences.

If you fail to do so, it’s projected that 85% of enterprise-level companies will fall behind their competitors. By providing positive and effective customer service experiences, you’re creating value for the customer, which in turn creates it for your company. Customer experience value (CXV) always recognizes the customer’s worth and optimizes it to ensure the CX ROI.

Improve Customer Experience

Successful improvements made to customer experience strategies first means you have to flush out if you want to start over and re-build your customer experience strategy? Sometimes it means you’re just going to tweak it, so it’s more customer-centric and adds to your company’s value process. Either way, if there’s a disconnect between what you offer vs. what the customer needs, you must find a way that strategically improves the processes, so they connect.

You always want to lead your competition, and that means your customer experience has to provide better experiences that are bolder, stronger, and more memorable. You also want to make sure your new customer experience strategy can be successfully implemented. In most cases, it takes time, money, and more personnel who are dedicated to making it happen.

Make no mistake; it’s not about providing better customer service. It’s about providing a better customer service experience. That means from the minute a customer reads about you in your blog or article.

To the second, they make a phone call to you for assistance with a purchase they want to make, to the moment you finalize a customer return, you’re creating a customer experience. You don’t have to know the answer to all your customer questions.  You do have to care about them and find the answers if you can.


Customer Experience Strategy and the Competitive Advantage

Every employee you hire or contractor you use is part of your company’s overall customer experience strategy. That means if you want to provide your customers with the best customer experience, you need to know what customer services and experiences need to be your actionable deliverables. When you’re ready to start forging a path that gives your company a competitive advantage, reach out to Seekify.

It’s not about crossing the finish line first when you’re providing positive and effective customer experiences. It’s about staying in the game the longest, so you never cross the finish line. You want to stay in the game until you want to cross the finish line knowing you provided the best customer experiences that left your competitors on the sidelines.

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