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How To Build SaaS Products That Your Customers Love

A little over a decade ago, much of a company’s storage space was dedicated to bulky training materials and numerous boxes of software. More storage shelves were needed if the company was bigger. In addition, the companies had to get digital space to store their data, of course, at an extra amount.

Fast forward to 2020, these businesses still need powerful software solutions to take care of all that work, and as you could have guessed, a lot of storage space is required. However, the shelves that were once used to store all the company data, manuals, etc., have now been taken over by other things. But what changed?

The software industry has changed drastically, for both businesses and consumers. It has transitioned from what was a mere sale of software to SaaS, or Software as a Service. This subscription model has eliminated the need for businesses to have much of their data stored in-house and utilize the generous amounts of cloud storage provided. 

The world hasn’t exhausted the number of SaaS products that can be built. If you are thinking about creating one, a lot goes into consideration, including how you plan on getting it to the market, if at all the customers will even be willing to try it out. 

This post takes you through the nitty-gritty of building a SaaS product that your customers will love. 

Why should you build a SaaS product that customers love?

Customer service and success are, hands down, the most important factors to consider when building a SaaS product. In layman terms, customer success means that you ensure that your clients achieve their desired results when using your products. Before all this, a lot of work goes into the product, from the initial market research, planning, implementation, and marketing strategies.

Before putting in your resources on the product, it is good to consider whether or not your customers will actually love it. Will it be helpful to them?

So why should you consider your customer’s needs when building a SaaS product?

1. Reduces Customer Churn

Let’s face it; customers come and go. It is the same model for any other company out there. However, your work as a provider is to ensure that you keep the number as low as possible. With the right marketing strategy, it can be easy enough to convince anyone to purchase your products. 

However, what if you’d lied plainly to them? What if it doesn’t work as they expected it to? Will you get repeat business after that particular sale has been made? You ought to go through the basics of how to build customer brand loyalty, or else your business will be headed for a downfall.

2. Lower Marketing Efforts

Once you come up with a solution to a problem, customers will come looking for you instead of you spending all your resources trying to reach out to them. Businesses are always scouting the market for solutions to their problems. 

Once you come up with one, you only need to spend a tiny bit of your budget on marketing. Word about your solution will spread, and before you know it, people are already contacting you, making inquiries and purchases.


The Process of Building SaaS Products that Your Customers will Love

  1. Ideation

As a rule of thumb, the first step to building a SaaS product is the ideation period. Conduct market research to discover a painful problem that businesses experience and come up with a technological solution to fix it. These issues might have been faced by your company, or that of friends, coworkers, etc. 

This is the only way you can rest assured that there is a market for your products once the idea has been implemented. Customers will also not churn away from your business, and that’s the start of your success.

  1. Hypothesize customer results

In real sense, people don’t buy products but results. If you want your customers to buy your product, then you ought to know how they will benefit from it. Have a test run of the product before deploying it. How much trouble and stress have you saved the potential clients? Furthermore, you will always have all the answers with you whenever you get inquiries during your sales and marketing process. 

  1. Customize your products or services to suit your clients

Buyers evolve over time, and so will their needs. If you are not flexible enough to customize your products to suit a particular customer’s needs, then you’ll become something of the past. Your products should be able to be modified to take care of every customer’s needs.

  1. Be close to your customers

For you to deliver a solution to your customers that they will actually love, you need to be close to them. Initiate conversations, ask them questions, get their feedback, anything that will help you understand them and their problems better. 

Take Away

The success of your SaaS products is not only dependent on the solutions you provide to your customers but also how your relationship kicks off. Be more than just a problem solver to them and cultivate a better relationship, aimed at making their business operations seamless. 
These simple tips are the main reasons that have kept some of the best SaaS companies such as Seekify in business, so don’t be left behind.

Arihant is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building on-demand SaaS product companies to help businesses grow globally.

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