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Top 5 Pillars to Build a Winning Startup Team

Having a great team is essential to any startup, regardless of how strong or ambitious your strategies are. If you are playing solo and going against a group of determined individuals, you are more likely to miss out on various opportunities and a chance to upscale your company. 

However, statistics point out that 60% of startups fail to take off because of a poorly constituted company. This means that building a successful team is more than just getting people with the right set of skills together. You need passionate individuals that are motivated and creative enough to scale your business to greater heights. 

With such a group, you have already won half the battle. But how do you build a winning startup team? How will you be certain that you have assembled the right team? Here are 5 steps to follow when building your startup dream team.

Your Startup is only as Good as your Team

It is paramount to note that when hiring new members to join your venture, they will not just become employees ‒ they are the business. Look for individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets. 

Ensure that they are aware of the roles you wish to assign to them, to prevent you from seeking such services elsewhere. Take a look at these keys to building a winning startup team.

  1. Start with yourself

Although this might sound cliche, the success of any startup will start with you. You ought to be fully prepared to don a leader’s hat and be ready to make critical decisions. Understand that everyone else will be looking up to you, and so, you have to understand the nitty-gritty of the business you wish to venture into.

Since you will be the leader, you ought to analyze yourself; your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you will be bringing to the table. Since you will be getting a team with the right skill set, your knowledge doesn’t have to be that technical. Soft skills will, however, be an added advantage before you build your company. 

…And the co-founder(s)

As a rule of thumb for many startups, the first thing to do is to get a co-founder. It might not be necessary, but it is quite essential if you wish to get a helping hand from someone with a similar vision. 

There is a lot of at stake here, so ensure that whoever you bring on board as a partner (or co-founder) is someone you can easily relate with. There are many traits to look for in a co-founder, however, it is paramount that they agree with your vision and have some skills (or finances) to bring on the table. 

  1. Identify the key positions

Once the top brass has been sorted out, it is time to search for the technical rungs for the startup. The first step to undertake is to identify the void in your company, depending on what you are all about. There three basic positions that matter in any startup:

  • An innovator who helps to come up with new ideas for your products or services
  • A designer who manages the face of your products 
  • An executor who ensures that more people know about your product.

These three roles will help you to be as specific as possible when scouting for employees. When shortlisting the candidates, ask yourself if they possess the necessary skills or tools for the success of your startup. Furthermore, find out how passionate they are towards such a job setup. 

  1. Have clear rules of the road

As you begin working with your new startup team, it is essential to have a set of acceptable workplace rules, values, and other cultural guardrails. Doing so ensures that everyone knows not only how to relate with each other but also molding their attitude towards the company.

As a leader, you do not necessarily have to come up with the cultural values to be followed by the team. At times, you can decide to take the laissez-faire approach and let the teamwork their own way out. 

The most important thing is for your team to cultivate their own culture and stick to it. This sets the ground for company traditions, which will be associated with your venture, even by the outsiders. The bottom line is to have a startup team in which everybody rows in the same direction. If you are all not sailing on the same boat, then it will become a hindrance to the success of the company. 

  1. Have one-on-one conversations more often

If you are a free boss, then your employees will feel at ease to reach out to you in case they face any issues. Moreover, you will have created a stage for them to feel open with you at a professional level. Once such a culture has been cultivated, the working environment will become more enjoyable; hence boosting the confidence and zeal for the team.

  1. Employee satisfaction

You may have built a winning startup team, but what happens next? Your role becomes to continue motivating them towards achieving your goals. Before you set out recruiting your team, you need to consider their compensation package (in terms of salary and other benefits). The better it is, the more work they will put in. 

Furthermore, apart from promotional aspects, you should consider other career growth opportunities, such as exposing them to relevant training. It is no brainer that a happy team is the most critical ingredient for a successful startup.

Over to You

With these simple tips, you are now armed with the knowledge of how to build a great startup team. You need to attract smart players into your company, as it is quite essential for its growth. 

As a leader, you ought to always aim higher, continue to inspire the team, and remind them how significant their contribution is. Put in the necessary work, and don’t forget to celebrate the milestones with them along the way. 

Finally, contact the experts to bring your customer experience visibly into action by rebooting your startup team. Learn how to build a great startup team with Seekify and become a living testimony of how much your company succeeded. 

Arihant is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for building on-demand SaaS product companies to help businesses grow globally.

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